Before and after the unveiling
of Sarah Schaffer's tombstone, 2003-10-19

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Wake up time for overnighters
Rosie in the tub her father and uncles used Apres le bain Sarah pours coffee

Rosie eats her breakfast
Rosie eats her breakfast_3379 3378 3374 3375 3376 3377

Rosie in the morning
Rosie in the morning - 3358 3360 3361 3362 3364 3365 3369 3370 3371 3373

After the ceremony honoring Sarah Schaffer, we gathered for lunch and talk
We remembered Grandmom Sarah

Sophia_3380 Sophia with Beth_3382 3384 3385 3396 Sophia with Cortney_3397 Sophia and Beth 3410

Alexa_3383 3386 Alexa, with Sophia behind 3387 3390 Beth and Alexa_3392 Alexa in her travel outfit 3400 3414 Beth and Alexa say goodbye to Rosie

Rosie with Cortney_3391 Cortney with Rosie and Sophia_3401 3402 70Rosie_3403 Rosie_3409 3411

Not all the pictures are of grandchildren
Arthur_3393 Cortney reading_3389

Alexa is ready to go _3423 Rosie waves bye bye _3424

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