Cambridge, August 9-11, 2003
Rosie is almost 9 months old

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From the airport, we went to the playground next to the Boston Commons
Entrance to the Boston Commons Rosie in the playground She needed snuggling - too many strange people In this shot she looks like Papa Max at 9 months Not a happy girl Take me out of here! I'm not smiling until we're home! Who is this bronze woman in the Commons?

Saturday in the Buten garden
When we got home, Betty was waiting Rosie, kneeling walking, with help crawling You have your 5th tooth today.  Don't bite your tongue! What a dimple! Dimples here too

Saturday inside
Saturday, inside Showing her teeth Loving the sound from banging the coaster on the table Preparing a concert on her musical table A number on the spinning tube Her favorite instrument, the musical book A crisis needs soothing Sarah has Rosie in view Later, John relaxes as the master of the house

Boston sky at dusk, behind the Four Seasons
On the way to dinner at Excelsior

Sunday morning on the swings in the nearby park
Sunday morning on the swings in the nearby park the swinger examining the chain enjoying the angle reaching for the camera

Sunday in the garden
Back home in the garden Smiling in the grass Crawling on the grass Tickled by John more tickling clapping standing on the grass Supported by John Sarah relaxes with the Sunday paper, in front of the very blue house across the street. Betty guards the gate

Sunday afternoon inside
Gloria admires Rosie Rosie breaks up John

Then back for more swinging
Back to the park for more swinging Swingers Rosie and Max Watching, not soaking, the fountain Hungry?  Tired?  She's had enough.

Monday morning bath
Splashing in the tub, Monday morning Soaped and rinsed Wanting the cow cloth Finished and ready to dress for day care Towel time

Max and Rosie, both at 9 months
Does Rosie look like Max at 9 months?

Just a neighborhood yard
Tremont Street yard, marred by gas meters

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