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Erice Map (481x380, 22.5 kilobytes) Erice Town Seal (474x492, 77.3 kilobytes) Via Vittorio Emanuele (285x492, 82.3 kilobytes) Courtyard (369x492, 74.1 kilobytes)

The Castello di Venere
"The 12c Venus's Castle is appended to the very tip of the mountain."- Michelin Green Guide.
"The site was once occupied by a temple dedicated to Venus."
Gloria at the entrance to the Castello Di Venere. (333x492, 90.0 kilobytes) Castello Di Venere (369x492, 94.5 kilobytes) San Cataldo and Torri Di Balio (369x492, 80.4 kilobytes)

They've bicycled from northern Italy
Cyclists posed at the entrance to the Castello. (369x492, 92.8 kilobytes) Looking at the vista - Tràpani and the sea beyond (656x492, 91.8 kilobytes)

When we went to see Erice's main church, the Chiesa Matrice, a wedding was underway. Erice Wedding (364x492, 82.2 kilobytes) We had plenty of time to admire the church, originally built in the 14th century. (369x492, 83.9 kilobytes) Of course there were both still and video camera teams. (830x492, 91.2 kilobytes)
Plenty of good detail work (369x492, 89.3 kilobytes) An intricate plaster ceiling (369x492, 84.6 kilobytes) I loved this face, one of many. (656x492, 90.5 kilobytes)

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