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The Floating Market at Cai Rang, in the Mekong River Delta, Vietnam

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Advertising on the pole

The poles advertise what's in stock

Small Quantities for the Retailer

Small quantities for the country store: Baskets Cabbage and Watermelons Drinks - to drink here, not to resell Drinks - and empties Flowers Flowers - retail and wholesale Lemons - or Limes or Oranges? Papaya, I think Pineapple, with shallots, flowers, and watermelon below Watermelon was in abundance Radishes, maybe the kind used to make carrot cake Looks like a strore has its stock for the day or week

Large Wholesale Quantities

The best-painted large, wholesale boat we saw This wholesaler's baskets of goods churning up the river An navy of cabbages Bananas under cover Delivering the fruit, two at a time

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