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Jordan - Petra - The Siq
Once the ceremonial entrance to Petra, now the Siq is the tourist entrance.

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From the ticket gate and hotels, the wide road and horse path wind down Wadi Musa to the Siq
Walk down into Petra on th paved path, <br>or ride down on horseback. The big cubes on the way are A bilingual inscription (Nabatean and Greek) from CE 40-70. Gloria at the Obelisk tomb

The Siq leads between high cliffs

"The Siq is an entirely natural feature, a narrow cleft produced by earth movements which literally split a solid section of limestone mountain in two. In places you can clearly match the cross-section patterns in one cliff-side with those opposite. The effects of weathering and erosion meanwhile have carved fantastic shapes in the rock higher up. The Siq runs for a length of 1.2 km and in places is just 3 m wide, while the walls tower up to a height of 200 m. The overall effect of walking through this remarkable natural feature is truly awe-inspiring and is half the magic of approaching the grat monuments of Petra." - Footprint guide to Jordan

The Siq runs through the high cliffs The Siq winds The colors change with the passing sun It's narrow and looks narrower There's light at the end of the Siq!

Figures "sculpted" by the wind and sand

The wind has sandblasted this . . . and this

A carriage is easy transport through the Siq proper
Especially leaving, when it's all uphill
A carriage is easy transport through the Siq proper . . . . . . especially leaving - it's all uphill The stone paving is from Roman times After our third and last day in Petra, we trudged slowly up, our way lit by the full moon.

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