Visit to the Magees, April 2003

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Bebe, Pete, and Sasha at home in Saint Paul
Bebe and Pete Magee Gloria, Iris and Bebe <a href=http://www.giant-productions.com/bios.html>Sasha</a> Sasha with Bebe Sweeping Bebe as Philanthropist

By the Misssippi River
Gloria, Iris, Pete, Bebe - above the Mississippi Bebe poses in front of her rowing club

Frederick R Weisman Art Museum
<a href=http://hudson.acad.umn.edu/WAMhome.html>The Frederick R Weisman Art Museum, <br>University of Minnesota, Minneapolis</a> Stainless Steel by Frank Gehry, 1993<br> Mrs Frederick R Weisman and Mrs Iris Newman<br> Which one is by Duane Hanson?

Bebe and Pete Sponsored the World Premiere
of George Tsontakis's Second Violin Concerto

We were in Saint Paul for the world premier of George Tsontakis' Violin Concerto No 2

Strange Minnesota Sights
At the Mall Of America Minnesotans call it a Ramp, but it's really a parking garage

The Paul T Magee and Beatrice Magee lake house, Castle Danger MN

Approaching the Magee's lake house It's up there Up the steep drive The Magee's lake house at Castle Danger, on the North Shore of Lake Superior View from Lake Superior

The view
View of the land side The cove just north Waves break at the cove Straight down from the house, the gulls roost

Windows over Lake Superior Kitchen view, with backlight

View thru the side window A gloomy outlook Bright porthole Self-portrait

Gooseberry Falls, just up the road

Gooseberry Falls was teeming on the fourth day of rain

On our fourth day in Minnesota, the sun finally came out
Trees - in the Sun!

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