Krabi Area - Phang Nga Bay

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Map of Krabi and Phang Nga Bay                Tapu (James Bond) Island
Krabi Map (748x718, 90.2 kilobytes) Tapu Island (Koh Tapu) (347x492, 80.3 kilobytes) My tourist picture of Tapu (381x492, 88.4 kilobytes)

Long-tail trip to Hong Island
We rented a long-tail for the day - just the two of us with a boatman and his hammock for napping.
We passed The Princess's Residence on the way to Koh Hong (376x492, 84.3 kilobytes) Hong Island's Streaky Cliff (656x492, 96.4 kilobytes) Lagoon in the middle of Hong. (369x492, 99.3 kilobytes) The beach on Hong is split by the rocks.  This side is for boats and kayaks. (656x492, 98.1 kilobytes) In the bay at Hong, this mushroom rock (410x492, 47.9 kilobytes) The people side of the Hong Island beach (738x492, 91.0 kilobytes) Our Long Tail awaits. (628x492, 81.5 kilobytes)

Rai Leh (Railay)

Rai Leh Map (493x492, 80.0 kilobytes) Breakfast buffet at the Sand Sea Resort (800x384, 84.2 kilobytes) Gloria at Breakfast, Sand Sea Resort, Rai Leh (656x492, 87.8 kilobytes) East Rai Leh is a mud flat at low tide. (798x466, 81.5 kilobytes) High Tide at Rai Leh East (798x464, 94.5 kilobytes)

Phra Nang karst cliffs at Rai Leh

Sun peeking past the Karst cliffs - Ao Phra Nang, Rai Leh (369x492, 80.2 kilobytes) Walking on the submerged beach - Phra Nang, Rai Leh (798x492, 87.2 kilobytes) Karst rock - sunlit orange, gray (578x492, 99.4 kilobytes) Stalagtites (369x492, 63.0 kilobytes) At the end of Ao Phra Nang, a shrine in the cave (401x492, 85.3 kilobytes)

Phra Nang beach at Rai Leh

Facing the other way, here's Phra Nang Beach (713x492, 80.4 kilobytes) From inside the cave (656x492, 87.9 kilobytes) Morning Shadow on the Beach (655x492, 102.2 kilobytes) Offshore rock, Phra Nang beach, Rai Leh (455x492, 80.0 kilobytes) There are several climbing schools and many places to climb. (656x492, 95.1 kilobytes)

Food on Phra Nang beach, Rai Leh

Vendor in Pink - Phra Nang, Rai Leh (368x492, 69.3 kilobytes) Hot Food Vendor (605x456, 93.1 kilobytes) Gloria's favorite was the boats with full menus. (564x492, 95.8 kilobytes)

Sunset at Rai Leh

Sunset at Rai Leh (656x492, 80.3 kilobytes) Sunset at Rai Leh (800x291, 63.5 kilobytes) Sunset at Rai Leh (365x492, 77.9 kilobytes)

Poda Island (Koh Poda) by long-tail

Poda Island (Koh Poda) (676x489, 87.7 kilobytes) Koh Poda - Gloria on the beach (345x492, 86.1 kilobytes) Koh Poda - a rock (653x490, 101.1 kilobytes) Koh Poda - a view of the bay, with boatmen resting in their boats. (369x492, 85.1 kilobytes)

Lanta Island (Koh Lanta)

On Koh Lanta, we stayed at the new Pimalai Resort & Spa (353x246, 15.7 kilobytes) The Pimalai brought us from the Krabi airport by van and speedboat. (768x492, 81.8 kilobytes) Pimilai resort, from boat. (660x492, 85.0 kilobytes) Here's the beach, from above. (798x479, 84.1 kilobytes) Same Same, the restaurant next door (769x492, 101.6 kilobytes) A view to the east. (656x492, 92.5 kilobytes) We were a few days late for this Thai Boxing in Koh Lanta (633x492, 81.9 kilobytes)

Boat trip to Koh Rock
Run by the Pimalai
For our cruise to Koh Rok, we had a good sized wooden boat, but with this bedraggled Thai flag. (404x492, 71.9 kilobytes) This family were the only other passengers. (798x467, 49.4 kilobytes) Mr. Ithinai Yingsiri took this picture of Gloria and me. (733x550, 49.3 kilobytes) On the way back, we saw a school of dolphins. (549x413, 38.8 kilobytes)

Sunset at the Pimalai Resort

Sunset at Koh Lanta - from our room at the Pimalai Resort (656x492, 89.8 kilobytes) Pool Sunset (738x492, 105.2 kilobytes) Pool Sunset (466x492, 86.4 kilobytes) Taking a walk at sunset, Koh Lanta (442x492, 65.1 kilobytes) A final sunset, from the Pimalai's pool (608x492, 88.5 kilobytes)

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