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Map showing location of Palermo and Monreale in Sicily
Palermo in Sicily (481x380, 100.6 kilobytes)

Galleria Regionale di Sicilia - a fine art museum
Eleonora of Aragon (376x500, 79.4 kilobytes) This head is also by Laurana, I think (399x500, 76.9 kilobytes) Antonello da Messina:  Annunciation (387x500, 88.1 kilobytes)

Cappella Palatina in the Palazzo dei Normanni
The Palatine chapel in the Norman palace
Cappella Palatina:  Cristo Pantocratore (667x500, 92.8 kilobytes) Cappella Palatina - another pantocratore (500x500, 105.3 kilobytes) CappellaPalatina - Jesus flanked by Peter and Paul (562x500, 101.2 kilobytes)

La Martorana - this part built in 1143-1194
La Martorana (394x500, 101.6 kilobytes) LaMartorana - closeup of Christ Pantocrator (490x500, 87.9 kilobytes) La Martorana - George of Antioch prostrate at the feet of the Virgin (667x500, 84.9 kilobytes) La Martorana - Roger II crowned by Christ (667x500, 89.4 kilobytes) La Martorana - a mosaic tree on a field of gold (567x500, 96.9 kilobytes)

In the Cathedral, "an imposing edifice"
The Cathedral crypt has many tombs.<br>This one's the best. (770x490, 100.9 kilobytes)

The Mercato Vucciria
Mercato Vucciria (667x500, 103.6 kilobytes)

The Museo Archeologico (Archeological Museum) is one of the worst I've ever seen.
A fresco in the Museo Archeologico (375x500, 78.7 kilobytes)

Scenes in the entryway to an old mansion
A doorway in an old mansion, with its only occupant. (667x500, 79.3 kilobytes) Probably not the only occupant of this old mansion (567x500, 85.0 kilobytes) The old mansion needs work! (667x500, 96.0 kilobytes)

The Palazzo Chiaramonte - now a conference center
Palazzo Chiaramonte (423x500, 73.4 kilobytes) Palazzo Chiaramonte (375x500, 53.0 kilobytes)

Porta Nuova
PortaNuova0535 (376x500, 81.6 kilobytes) Porta Nuova (679x500, 97.2 kilobytes)

Modern Palermo
No more water jugs! (350x500, 97.0 kilobytes) Post Office (617x500, 82.2 kilobytes)

Quattro Canti
Quattro Canti, or Four Corners (664x500, 96.6 kilobytes)

Santa Maria Dello Spasimo
Santa Maria Dello Spasimo (375x500, 83.0 kilobytes)

Santa Maria di Valverde
Santa Maria di Valverde - Santa Lucia (329x500, 101.4 kilobytes) Santa Maria di Valverde - Santa Lucia framed with a baldichino (377x500, 97.1 kilobytes)

St Ignazio all'Olivella
St Ignazio All'Olivella (680x500, 101.1 kilobytes)

Via Porta di Castro
Via Porta di Castro (375x500, 95.1 kilobytes)

Palermo (and Sicily) aren't all repaired from WWII
A ruin remains - from World War 2? (667x500, 98.3 kilobytes)

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