Villa Romana del Casale

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Map of Sicily showing location, in central Sicily (481x380, 107.6 kilobytes) Peristilium (375x500, 98.5 kilobytes) Sala Del Circo - Room of the Circus (780x490, 97.1 kilobytes)

Sala delle Amorini Pescatori - a fishing scene (667x500, 99.4 kilobytes) Caccia - The Hunt (619x500, 88.4 kilobytes) Sala delle Ragazze in Bikini  (714x500, 83.8 kilobytes)

The giant has been hit by Hercules' poisoned arrow (375x500, 93.0 kilobytes) Cubicolo della Scena Erotica (526x500, 105.5 kilobytes)

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